The stereotypes about Pankisi: by Meka Margoshvili

We are Kists, the ethnic minorities living in Georgia and we are the followers of Islam, these two circumstances, especially the latter one, are the factors of making plenty of stereotypes. In connection with us, many people in Georgia think we are illiterate, but when they get to know us, they are exited with our skills in English or Georgian language and the general knowledge.

The most painful for us is the attitude as if Pankisi is full of terrorists, though I would like to pint out that no religion in the world and especially Islam don’t preach the terrorism. This stereotype is popular, because the people don’t know about us and what really happens in Pankisi. However, those who met us at least once, they would never call us the Terrorists. The stereotypes about Pankisi are spread because of lack of information.