Noticeable Diffferences: by Lalita Kushanashvili

 When you are teenager everything seems to be fascinating and makes you think that the world rotates only around you. Every trifle achievement pushes you to go forward to work hard. Hard work is the key to establish yourself in this harsh world. Even teachers praising words give you self-confidence and a mother’s sorrowful eyes looking from her smiling face gets you to forget all problems turning up in every day life. At the same time, you prepare yourself to carry the heaviest burden ever carried. 

If you look  around  discreetly, the gap between social classes is noticeable. Wealthy people are ready to fulfil every caprice coming from their children. Beyond the border there are children without clothes, a warm home and normal food who always avoid laughing  loudly or walking  proudly for fear of disturbing the controlling social class.

I believe that we all human  beings  and are here to do our bit to provide prosperity and turn our dreams into reality. If you feel satisfaction after doing a favour you’ll understand that your endeavour is not vain.