My favorite Hill: by Iman Bagakashvili

When I was a child, about 5 years old, my brothers often took me to the River Alazani. I loved swimming. When my brothers first took me there, I was happy. I used to think only about water and swimming. But one day I saw a hill. The hill looked over the river and it was amazing. There were trees on the left and right of the hill. I saw a trail in the middle. Also there was a ruined building.  I didn’t see it well because I was far away. There always were people and cars. I thought it was a famous place. I wanted to see the Alazani from the hill. Every day when I was coming from the river the road seemed longer to me because I was thinking about the hill. The days were passing and I was enchanted by the hill.  The hill became my dream. Curiosity reached its peak, when I came home home and  I saw a picture of my brother standing on that hill. There was winter in the picture. The hill was covered with snow. It was beautiful. The river was split in several places. I was small but the hill always was in mind. That summer my cousin arrived from Russia. She decided to stay with us for few days. This was a great chance for me to see her beauty. When she came to our house, I showed her the picture. She was surprised and wanted to see that place. We asked to my brothers to take us to the hill. They said yes. We were very happy. I was looking forward to coming the next day. Next day, in the afternoon, my cousin and I went to the hill with my brothers. The hill was too large for me, maybe because I was small. We climbed the hill. It was a little hard for me. But I wanted to see it. I was waiting for two years, so I couldn’t stop. After several minutes we were on the hill. I was shocked. I knew it was beautiful, but it was more beautiful when I saw with my own eyes. We stayed on the hill for about an hour. When we came back my cousin and I were talking only about the hill. After that day I usually go there with my friends and I am happy.