Friend’s pizza in Pankisi: by Mari Kavtarashvili

Young girls from Pankisi Mari and Diana Duishvili after graduating the university decided to come back to Pankisi and start small business there, together.  They decided to open pizza’s house.  For this they were helped by the UN women Georgia, UNHCR Refugee Agency and Academy of   the ministry of finance/MOF Academy.

“We have been working pizza’ house for three months. The idea came from starting new job together which we had obsessed. There is not a pizza’s house in Pankisi, also we polled people and they liked the idea so we hoped that this idea will work. According to that I and Diana already had been working on our idea this project was very good opportunity for us to run our business”. Says Mari Duishvili.

The first reason of starting new business girls said that is having time together.

“Reconciliations and civil equality issues office of the state minister conducted project for one week which develops Pankisi valley it was named “how to start and develop business “. After this project we presented our project and we were financed with 4000 GEL which was enough to buy required equipment” speaking Diana Duishvili.

Their profit for the first month was 1000 GEL, but for the second month it reduced because this conceded to Ramadan month. For the future they are planning expansion, but they said that the first they need is a scooter for smoothly implement delivery service.

One of the customers of friend’s pizza, Ramzan Gorgishvili said that every same project is important for Pankisi and same services make their works more interesting.

“Since they started working on this project, I have positive mood on this but when I tried it I knew that it worth to wait”. Said Ramzan.

One more costumer of friend’s pizza Magda Umarashvili said that the only problem is about delivering.  “It would be good to have delivery services for 24 hours, because for example I am living in Dumastori and sometimes it is problem for me to get in Duisi and buy it, I heard that the other customers also talk about same problem.”

Friend’s pizza cooks standard pizza from eight pieces and it costs 13 GEL and 1 GEL for packing. It is cooked with halal sausages and also chicken meat. You can buy Friend’s pizza for 24 hours.