SECOND CHANSE: by Iiman Abdulaevi

My name is Iiman Abdulaevi. In 2019 I was chosen as RSF’s student that had chance to take a course in UNIKO (Universal Knowledge Academy). I had chance to choose between a big variety of courses to learn something new and fresh for me. I decided to attend Accounting courses, since I loved math and calculating from early age. I was basically a new student in these kinds of classes. In my group we were four, even we did not know each other, soon we could easily get together and created our own group on social media to share more about each of us and to get closer. Our teacher each day showed us how to use skills that we learned. It was frightening because at first i had a difficult time grasping the concepts of accounting, it is not the subject matter that is dry, but rather the methods in which faculty have traditionally presented accounting fundamentals and principles. Despite standard lectures and textbook assignments, we had computer-based learning. This kind of learning successfully made accounting attractive and enlightening for me and my new friends, including blended learning, activity-based modules, games, mentorships, Internet research and computer simulations accounting became lot more understandable. These methods provided for us opportunities to learn with real-life accounting situations. Blended learning and examples from real life that teacher was giving us, meaningfully helped to improve my knowledge level. not only courses were fun to attend but also surrounding and people in UNIKO (Universal Knowledge Academy) with smiling faces and always happy to help, were definitely giving good vibes and waking inside wish to attend more and more classes. Me, wearing hijab and being part of ethnic minority unfortunately had less chances to find job in many places. People around may not complain about appearance, but they have ideas -us being not ambitious about career. This courses already helped me to prove opposite and I am sure many people will see my passion to build brand new views about hijabian girls and ethnic minorities working and being part of people making world a better place. 

Anything you decide to learn should be built off of passion. As long as you can find a connection between yourself and the topic and exude your passion, you will keep growing and learning more. My chance to grow was given by RSF (Roddy Scott foundation). This center gave me many opportunities, one of them was attending American summer school in Tbilisi. It helped me to grow not only my English level, but also abilities to communicate with people from different places and society and UNIKO did same for me, this course helped to show many people that girls wearing Hijabs and being from ethnic minority have same opportunities and chances to find their own place. As student without any practice in this sphere, with help of this courses I feel more confident about using it in real life and finding job. My confidence, my second chance.