What attracts tourists in the Pankisi Gorge? by Khava Khangoshvili

Pankisi valley is famous for its beauty, and not only nature but the traditions and customs make the place unique.  several years ago, the valley was associated with dangerous spot connected with the terrorism and turbulence.  But step by step the situation changed. You can see strangers in the street. No fear and no danger. anyway, everybody who visits the valley and you sit with for a cup of coffee has question was it much different from what we had before. Sometimes I have feeling whether they feel safe or do they want to listen to our opinion.

We have tried to find out what attracts tourists and how they feel? what should be done in the valley to make it more attractive to tourists?  For the answer we met the people owners of guesthouses who serve tourists and have people from different country. One of the guesthouses operating in Pankisi is Nazys guest house in Jokolo village, she runs very nice Facebook page and you can get all the information about her activities. Recently she set up tourists’ association and was abroad to share other people experience. This is one of the guesthouses who managed to implement different projects and added range of services.

Nazi think that tourists in the gorge are mostly interested in Kist people’s nature and traditions. We are different from the others. “The most important in the Pankisi gorge is populated with ethnic Chechens- people of different religion Tourists like our cousin, local mosques and sightseeing, also there are many historical places” says Nazi Dakishvili.

As she notes for tourism development in the country, for the government it’s necessary to implement infrastructural projects. 

“Very important to add valley on tourist maps, publish brochures about valley’s different culture, traditions and sightseeing. If we want valley to be desirable destination for tourist, we all should work as much as possible to spread positive information about the valley, and also increase awareness of the local people of tourism importance” noted Nazi Dakishvili

Leila Achishvili the owner of other guesthouse in Jokolo has a sad background. She is a victim of global problem – the War in Syria. She lost two sons who had been recruited from Europe country.

One of the best places to stay for tourists’ small yard, full of flowers you will never feel the pane of this strong and beautiful woman with the beautiful voice, singing and smiling for the guests.

 We have to destroy stereotypes many tourists are especially afraid of arriving in the valley because they think there are the terrorists here and still remember Pankisi of 2000s. The role of the state is important for tourism development in the Pankisi Gorge because the state recognizes that Pankisi is one of the tourist destinations. The state should have broken this stereotype” said Leila Achishvili.