Kist traditional dishes: by Fatima Margoshvili

In 2019 in the project ,,My Kitchen Rules“ participated and won two kist women living in pankisi. Throughout the competition, they prepared only kist traditional food. This project has become an excellent way to create a modernized version of cuisine, adding new flavors to the traditional dishes and mixing them to create a better version of the dishes.
As we know and see, time changes everything and you too are forced to follow the time step by step, experience the changes of modernity. This also led to the changes in taste in different dishes, of course, for the better, but of course it doesn’t mean that the old flavors and recipes have been forgotten and changed, along with everything else, all this has been preserved.

In 2020, the first culinary book of kist traditional cuisine authored by the winner of then ,,MKR“ will be published, in which all the recipes of Kist traditional dishes will be included. This will be a very good opportunity for people, both living in georgia and abroad to get acquainted with Kist traditional cuisine, to be able to taste these wonderful dishes and also prepare them themselves. It will also help the Kist people not to forget
the traditional dishes and tastes preserved by their ancestors.