Meeting with the FLEX program Inters in American Shelf of Pankisi By: Aishat Pareulidze

On 22nd August, an informative meeting about the FLEX program was held in the American Shelf of Pankisi.

Students from 9th to 11th grade attended the meeting, at 3 o ‘clock.

The meeting about the FLEX program was held and led by the FLEX program Inter Keto Chikvaidze .

Among other things, the Inter led the meeting in an interesting way, and shared also her experience to us.

The meeting took place in question-and-answer mode.

students received general information about the FLEX program.

 I would like to share the information that two students of Roddy Scott Foundation are participating in the FLEX program.

I wish best of luck to the two Roddy Scott Foundation students, and everyone else who is participating in the FLEX,” The Future Leaders Exchange” program.