The spring 2024 English Junior Olympics: By Linda Margoshvili

On 14 March the Spring 2024 English Junior Olympics was held at Telavi State University. The competition was organized by the university of Telavi and Peace Corps Georgia for the students of Kakheti region. The students of Roddy Scott Foundation had an opportunity to take part in the Olympics and 8 of them were involved in the process. They showed their talent and high level in English and luckily got the first and third places.

During the competition, children were competing in pairs and encouraged each other. The atmosphere was quite interesting and challenging. The friends of contestants were cheering up their favorite teams.

The participation in the competition gave them huge experience of team work and great skills of critical thinking.

I would like to say it didn’t matter who won or lost- what mattered was the sense of community. Everyone felt like they were a part of something special.