The Invention of the Car Changed the World: by Zhamilya Makalova

I think that the invention of the car changed the way of living of many people.

ask-history-who-built-the-first-automobile-464493489-eAt the beginning, the cars were bought by few people because the cost was high and the most of world population was poor. Today this situation has totally changed. In the developed countries all families have one car and a large number of them have two or more. Nowadays, cars are essential. Many people use them to go to work every day and to travel.

I think cars are one of the most iinvention-of-the-automobilemportant inventions of the last centuries. Unfortunately,
cars have caused some damage. Nowadays we have many environmental problems and we breath dirty air because of their gases. Cars have really changed the world, but I hope they will be used with more responsibility.

img_3200Of course, cars are very important for us, but it would be good if people used cars less. It will help us to keep our environment from pollution. We have to use bikes as in many European countries. It will keep us healthy and fit.