EU Ambassador in Pankisi: by Rumina Alkhanashvili

On February 22, Carl Hartzell, appointed Ambassador of EU to Georgia, visited Akhmeta Municipality with a rural development initiative, supported by European Union. The meeting was held in Akhmeta Theatre and Akhmeta Municipality officials  attended the meeting.

 The ambassador introduced a promising project, which is part of EU programme to support business and agriculture development in the region. The project will be implemented in Akhmeta municipality villages and Pankisi gorge as well and, it aims to encourage diversified local economic growth grounded on the best European practices. The Ambassador’s visit included a meeting with Pankisi Gorge teachers, who had just come back from their study trip to Belgium to gain insights into the reality of the European Union. The Ambassador attended an open lesson at school and he answered students’ questions. The main question was about Georgia’s integration in the European Union and they asked about the duties Georgia has to do to become a member of the Union soon.

  Carl Hartzell also met with Elders’ Council and Women’s Council in Pankisi.  They discussed the problems and challenges of the gorge. The main challenge for the gorge is education and the ambassador promised to support the gorge in this field too.

Pankisi people hope that implementation of the projects supported by European Union will facilitate an improvement and creation of the new income opportunities in the gorge.