About Us by Izardi Kavtarashvili

Computer class

I’m Izardi Kavtarashvili I’m 14 and I live in a fantastic place in Duisi. I’m learning English in Ruddy Scott foundation. We are 16 in one group and each of us has the same story about English. I’m going there three times a week, after school. It’s already four years I go there and after a year I’ll finish these courses. We were in 5th grade when we started go there. The most right thing that did the organizations of this foundation is that they understand the financial situation of Kist people and made these English courses free. When we started these English courses we can’t just say or write our name and surname and now we can communicate with English people, and the most important is that we can tell the tourists who are visiting our valley about our culture, religion and not only and the biggest part took my teacher Shorena Khangoshvili that we now English. She teaches us all that we know now. Also we were in summer school in Tbilisi. As for me I made a lot of friends and I have contacts with some of them now too. I met the tourists from America, England.
And some of us cannot use computer too but now we have computer class and teacher Ucha Tselauri, and our director Liana Margoshvili when it’s necessary they can be our teachers and friends too.
We all want to say THANKS to people who made these courses for Kist children.