A wedding by Iman Abdulaeva

Every place has its own culture and they all are different. We live in a little valley that contains 7 villages. We have our culture and custom’s want to tall you about our life stile and about wedding culture.

Boy’s family goes to girl’s family to ask her hand. They give money to girl and some extra money for wedding party. They agree to each anther about day when boy must take the girl. Then they have a wedding. Whole wedding girl mustn’t talk to boy’s family members or friend. The girl and goy must appear between the weddings and after they come in they should stay in a car or in a neighbour’s house. When they come in they also have friends with them. Each has each friend with them. The boy’s friend should hold barbecue and girl’s friend tots and glass. The girl should take the dishes from friend and pour the vine to her has bends mother, father or brothers. Then they drink; have a meal and dance, when groom and bride dance people throw money on that place where they dance. After everything people lea the table for grime and brume and with them there sits only young people. After wedding they start living usual and the girl mustn’t talk to husband’s family, also can’t say the names of mother and father of husband, also sister and brothers hole life. If she wants to talk to her husbands family she must give glass of water to her husbands family and goes near to ear and says ‘’if I couldn’t respect you properly I wish the god will’ after it they talk like usual people, but sometimes some girls don’t talk to them whole life.

After everything they live together for a long time.