RESPECT: by Izardi Kavtarashvili.

The most important thing is to respect your religion, culture, your self-respect and other people, mostly old people. If you don’t respect yourself others too will not respect you. Respect of your religion reflects on your lifestyle, how you live and what you do. To be a good person in front of people in this village you should be perfect with your behavior and clothes too. In my village there are a lot of people who follow their religion and are following its laws. Tolerance means good friendship, to be honest with people and never leave them alone when they have a bad period of life. When you know that you have a real friend you have more confidence in yourself. Respect your family and do what they ask, but some of us don’t follow their requests and when they finally understand, it is too late, when you cannot improve anything. So everyone has to live as their grandparents and parents, and their lives will be better.  But of course no one is without mistakes. Also respect your teacher to be a friend with her and you will work together more easily and with your partners in business and at school too. Everyone has to respect each other and life will be easier.