Horses, by Zukhra Margoshvili



Horses are four legged animals. They obtain food and protect themselves from enemy’s horse by running ability and to change direction fast. Horses have long and strong legs. Horses have only one finger. The finger is covered with large and strong hooves. A horse is easy and quick running. Horses have good eyesight, hearing and sense of smell. Their relatively long neck raised above the head allows from a distance to see the enemy. Raised ears indicates that the horse has acute hearing. The horse has big teeth. This allows the horse to chew the grass, hay and other plant foods very well. Domesticated horse breeds many types, For example; runner, heavy horse cargo and etc. We have a lot of local breed of horse particularly distinguished by its heavy cargo. Runner is famous horse breed of horses, which have been used for more than centuries. Horses are very strong and fast animals.