Dance and Song Ensembles, by Mariam Margoshvili

It is a long time that Kist people follow dance and sing songs. They have there own dances and songs they are different from all other countries. In Pankisi there are three ensembles of dances and songs, One is called “Daimekhkan Aznash “and the other two are called “Pankisi”. One of them is a dance ensemble and one is a dance and song ensemble. They are very popular in many countries and most of tourists come to Pankisi to see Kists national dances and to hear their national songs and always they want to study Kists national dances and songs. Some time ago ensemble “Daimekhkan Aznash” was abroad and gained great success. Dance ensemble “Pankisi” is also very popular. Pankisi ensemble students are several times awarded with gold and silver medals.