Chechnya, by Mariam Margoshvili

Chechnya is located in Russia.

Chechnya is my homeland, but I was born and grew up in Georgia.  In Chechnya there have been two wars. Both were against Russia. After these wars Chechnya was destroyed and people were exiled in woods.  After the second war there has been immigration from Chechnya to Georgia. They were located in local Kist houses.  But after years they went back. Now there is peace and people can live peacefully.

Chechnya’s president is Ramzan Kadirov. After he became the president of Chechnya, Chechnya is becoming nicer and is developing day by day. There was a mosque built, which is the second largest in Europe.
In Chechnya there are many schools, where children can learn Chechen language, Russian, English and Italian. They can choose one from this two languages but Russian and Chechen both are necessary, and there are also dance and song schools. In Chechnya great attention is paid to their religion Islam and every year they go to Meqqa to pray. Meqqa is the main city of Islam.