Entertainment by Kavrarashvili

People have been interested in entertainment since ancient times. Nowadays, when we think of entertainment we usually think of activities like seeing a movie, or watching TV, or playing computer games. Or we might think only of reading a good book, or going for a walk, simply hanging out and chatting with friends. In ancient times there were also many other kinds of entertainment that were far more violent. One kind of entertainment that people enjoyed was public executions. For example: criminals were taken to the main square in front of crowd. There were also animals. Animals are used today too, of course, for public entertainment you can see bears and dogs and tigers doing their tricks in the circus. But in old days, another kind of entertainment was bear baiting and people enjoyed watching how the animal was attacked. It was not only animals that were trained to fight, men too were ordered by the emperor to try and kill each other. These fighters were called gladiators.