The soldier's house by Gaugashvili 1999

One of the villages of Pankisi gorge is Kvareltskali, where live Pshavlebi and Kists (Kist people). We were today in Kvareltskali hiking with our computer teacher Ucha Tselauri. It was a very good and sunny day, but we were very tired. Also we saw a lot of things like the water supply station and we took many photos. There is a school in which are 25 pupils and 9 teachers. Also there is a soldier’s house. In this house lived a man, who was called David Khadilashvili, who went to the second world war and hadn’t returned from there. This man loved carousal and entertainment. The regeneration of the soldier’s house began with the commanding of Valerian Chekurishvili. In 1975 there was opened a museum on honor of victory over Germany. And every year in 9th of May in Pankisi is held a celebration in honor of this victory. This house is divided in two part rooms. There were soldier’s things in the first room, and the second one was for guests. In this room were 25 pictures. On the 25th picture there was a flower, which meant there was no picture of his family member. But nowadays this house turned to kindergarten where are 20 children. People of the village demand the rehabilitation of this house, and hope it will began its functions as before.