April Fools Day by Leila Kavtarashvili and Larisa Tokhosashvili.

Pankisi school children like the 1st of April. When people play jokes on their friends it is called April Fools Day. If you don’t know much about this day we can tell you something and describe some of the jokes. Many years ago the 25th of March was New Year’s Day, and the 1st April was the day of the new celebrations. As the weather changed often during the day in that season and fooled people, they began to play jokes and fool their friends, too. There are many April fools day jokes. One of them is to tell a friend that there is chalk on his nose when his face is clean. On the 1st of April people aren’t angry when we play jokes on them. But we must know that some jokes may not be very good. An April fool is “fool” on the first of April only.