Holidays in my country by Gaugashvili

We have New Year’s Day on January first. Before New Year’s Day we send our friends New Year wishes, or we ring them up in the evening on December 31. On the night of December 31, we are usually at home with our family or with some friends. At 12 o’clock we say to each other,” Happy New Year!” and we answer “Thanks, the same to you”. We have a New Year tree with lights and decorations. On February 23,we have Defender of Fatherland Day. On that day we congratulate soldiers and officers of the Russian Army. March 8 is Women’s Day. On that day we give presents to our mothers and sisters. The best present for women is flowers and on Women’s Day we see many men who are buying flowers to give to their mothers and wives. May 1, May Day is a spring holiday; we celebrate it as the first day of real merry and green spring. Victory Day, the anniversary of the victory over Germany, is one of the greatest holidays and all countries which fought celebrate it.