An interview with Mr. Levan Kipiani, Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia: by Iman Abdulaeva

Hello Mr. Levan I am a journalist of Roddy Scott Foundation, Iman Abdulaeva and I want to ask you some questions.

LK-Okay, about what?

J-About your plans in our valley. What are you going to do? Do you have any plans?

LK-Of course we have plans and we are going to build a new building for sport lessons and we will try to improve the abilities of Kist children.                                                                                             

J-Will there be any modern equipment?

LK-Of course there will be everything modern.                                                                 

J-Will it be accessible to people of any ages?

LK-Of course it will be. We will ask to every child and to any young person at school or anywhere if they want to learn any tips of sport.

J-Exactly what tips of sport will be there?

LK-There will be Rugby, Football, and Wrestling and so on….

J-Will be there any possibilities of taking our children to other places and giving them ability to show themselves in any competitions?

LK-Yes, of course we will make competitions and will give them chance to take part in it and show themselves. Also we can hold competitions here.

J-Okay, thank you for your attention.