Exclusive interview with Zurab Zviadauri, Member of Parliament for Akhmeta District

Kheedi: Hello, I’m a journalist of Roddy Scott Education Center, Kheedi Khangoshvili and I want to ask you some questions, about our valley.

Zurabi: Ok, no problem.

 Kheedi: What are you planning in near future about Pankisi?

Zurabi: We are going to build the roads, new ditches, you will have Internet accesses, and also you will have gas.

Kheedi. When will we have Internet accesses?

Zurabi: As soon as I go in Tbilisi, I will meet the Director of Caucasus online and try to solve this problem.

Kheedi: We had heard that Internet will be available after New Year, but it didn’t happen, we want to know why we don’t have Internet.

Zurabi: It was previous government’s promise and now we’ll try you to have Internet and everything you need.

Kheedi: Thank you for attention and answering my questions.

Zurabi: You are welcome.

Kheedi: Good bye.

Zurabi: Bye.