Environmental pollution, by Kavtarashvili 1999

Earth Day is held on April 22, or around it, the weekend before or after the official day. Six billion people live on earth today. One out of every five does not have clean water close by. On Earth day, many people joined water cleanup activities. In my village there is a river called Alazani and it’s very clean. In summer people go there to swim. To participate, in our school, children were advised to make a poster about how to save water or talk with their parents about how to save the environment. In the 20th century, factories started produce things that people wanted, but nobody thought that factories might do harm. The industrialists, who were making a lot of money didn’t care about land, or the water. They didn’t think about pollution, but in recent years, people have started to think about ways to protect the countryside, the air and the forests from pollution and it’s very important for everyone.