A wedding without the bride: by Iman Abdulaeva

Have you ever heard the story of wedding without the bride? Have you seen it anywhere? In my village it happened.

There was one boy who had some relations with one girl. The boy asked the girl if she would like to become his wife. The girl agreed and decided to get married. The boy’s family got ready for it. They slaughtered a cow and bought 300 gel of food. Everyone was waiting.

People where waiting for her and the girl went in a bathroom to get ready. People tried to understand who the girl was, because the boy didn’t want anyone to know. In the afternoon the boy told everyone who was the girl. One person called to the mother of the girl and asked if the girl was ready. Unfortunately the mother did not know anything and she asked. “What are you talking about?” and the person described everything. The mother was very angry and did not let the girl go, she also told everything to father of girl. The boy was waiting, people enjoying and saying that it was wedding without the bride.