Pankisi Valley: by Kavtarashvili 1999

Pankisi valley is very fascinating. About 8,000 people live in Pankisi. There are lots of sights to see, for example: Batsara, Khadori,  Ilto and The Soldier’s House.
Nature is amazing and air is very fresh because there are no factories and because there is forest with lots of trees the water is very clean. There is river Alazani, where people go to swim in the summer. The climate in Pankisi is mild. Pankisi is surrounded by mountains.
People in Pankisi are friendly and kind, and are ready to help you if you are trouble. Our religion is Islam and we follow it. In our religion we have to pray five times a day and we have to wear headscarf and long dress. Our religious place is mosque, there are several mosques in Pankisi.

 There are also schools where children get an education and every village has it’s own school.

There is also the Roddy Scott Foundation Center where children learn English.