Life is beautiful: by Marina Gaurgashvili.

Life is beautiful. This phrase is wonderful. Life is the biggest treasure which God gives us.

Life is a thing feel badly. All have their own lives. For example: some people are kind, some evil. Kind people’s lives are good, bad people have a bad life. But if they wish, it can be corrected.

I want to write about my life, what aims I have, what I will do in future, which profession I want. I think life is beautiful. It’s true that when something happens sometimes we have a hurt heart and we don’t want to live on the earth, but if we want to have the best life, in my opinion it is necessary to learn. I hope that others think like this.  Our life’s main purpose is to learn. I learn as well as I can. I think life is endless. Sometimes I think that we never die, but it’s not true, we all are moribund. All our paces, minute by minute, take us close to God.