Interview with writer Dato Turashvili: by Mariam Margoshvili

On 12th of October in Duisi I interviewed Georgia’s famous writer Dato Turashvili. This interview turned out to be very interesting for me. I got a great knowledge about writing. We discussed his book which is a best seller in Georgia. This book is translated into 8 languages and is selling successfully also abroad. The name of this book is Generation of Jeans. This book is about Union of Soviet Social Republics. This system which killed persons because they wanted to live in a free country and they had plane abduction attempt they were looking for freedom. I had some questions about his book with him.

I. Which was your first book and at what age did you write your first book?

Dato. I do not remember my first book’s name, but I remember I and my friend took our first book to a publisher when we were 12 years old, and they refused us. My friend and I returned home very sad.

I: What was the reason for writing this book?

Dato: To fight against the Union of Soviet Social Republic.

I: What do you think? Were the book’s heroes or not?

Dato: I think they were people who looked for freedom and they did not were terrorists, but you have to discuss yourself and to come to the conclusion if they were or not they terrorists.

I: I have heard that you are writing a book which won’t be so heavy as the Generation of Jeans and it will be light. What is the reason? Why do you decided this so?

Dato: Generation of Jeans is book in which the Union of Soviet Social Republic is heavy and I want to write a book in which be this system little comic.

I: As a writer of this book, which moment was the most painful for you?

Dato: for me as for a writer all moments were very painful, especially when everything is true.

I: thank you for interview Ms. Dato, and good wishes for you.