New business and service in Duisi: by Mariam Margoshvili and Madina Gaurgashvili

        At the beginning of 2014 year, in Duisi village there opened a bakery and an ultrasound examination cabinet. They are located in the same building as The Roddy Scott Foundation. The bakery is located opposite the Roddy Scott Foundation working 24 hour per day and the ultrasound examination cabinet is open on Friday and Saturday.

Our journalists Madina and Mariam talked to directors of the bakery Medi Margoshvili and ultrasound examination cabinet Margamed Gaurgashvili.

Firstly, we had an interview with Medi Margoshvili ,the director of the bakery.


 – Mariam: what was the reason you opened the bakery?

 – Medi Margoshvili: the reason of opening the bakery was that in all Pankisi there wasn’t any bakery and people had problems with buying bread, and so I decided to open the bakery.

 – Madina: How many loaves of bread do you cook every day?

 – Medi Margoshvili: About 350 bread every day.

 – Mariam: In how many shops are you selling your bread?

 – Medi Margoshvili: in 5 shops. What is left is sold on place here.

 – Madina: How many people work in Bakery?

 – Medi Margoshvili: about 10.

 – Mariam: Can you call this business profitable?

 – Medi Margoshvili: I think I can.

 – Madina: How much the bread costs?

 – Medi Margoshvili: 50 tetris for one.

 – Then we had an interview with Margamed Gaurgashvili , the director of Ultrasound Examination Cabinet.

 – Mariam: why did you decide to open this cabinet in Duisi?

 Magamed Gaurgashvili: I always wanted to open something like this to help my villager.

 – Madina: how many patients do you have one day?

 – Magamed Margoshvili: Sometimes there are many people who need our help maybe 10-12 and sometimes there are only 4-6 patients.

 – Mariam: Is anyone helping you?

 – Magamed Margoshvili: Yes my colleague Zaza from Telavi hospital, is working with me all Fridays and on Saturdays I work alone.

 – Madina: How much does one visit costs?

 – Magamed Margoshvili: ultrasound examination costs 25 lari and Pediatrician and Urologist services are free.

 – Mariam: Which service are more in demand?

 – Magamed Margoshvili: Ultrasound examination.


 – We are glad that in our village more and more businesses are opening. More people will be employed and it will be good for the Duisi population.