Kist Folk Evening in Tbilisi: by Mariam Margoshvili

On 26th of March in the assembly hall of the Tbilisi State University a Kist evening called “Speroza” was held. In this evening there were singing Kist songs, dancing Kist traditional dances and reading poems of Kist people.  At the same time an exhibition of Kist traditional items was held. The organizers of the evening were presenter of the Chechen Diaspora Meka Khangoshvili and singer and composer Sultan Borchashvili. They are great people, because they are working for Kist people and saving Kist traditions. This evening also was for people who had an interest about Kist people and their traditions. In this evening there were other singers groups. Sisters, Gogochuris, Ciklauris, Nakxeuris and others read poems about Kists JarJi Shukiauri, Mikheil Ghanishashvili, Nukri Mchedlishvili, Babua Aludauri and other great writers. These people are very favorites for us and we think for every Kist and Georgian they are very favorite.

The concert started at 18:00 and finished at 21:00, It lasted for 3 hours. There we met many of our friends and Kist people who we hadn’t met before. Mariam Margoshvili was dancing Kist traditional dance and Madina Gaurgashvili was singing Kist songs. There were also other Roddy Scott Foundation students and they also took part in concert: Rumisa Khangoshvili, Mariana Kavtarashvili, Maia Baghakashvili and Musa Kavtarashvili were singing and dancing.

Hosts were Kist writer and painter Tumi Dishni (Nona Khangoshvili) and Georgian writer Erekle Saghliani. Twice there played music where every attendee of the concert could come on stage and dance. They also had guests from Chechnya. They were very surprised and happy that in Georgia there also is people who are singing and dancing like them.