Japanes filmakers in Pankisi: by Mariam Margoshvili

On 21th of August guests from Japan came to our school, whose aim was to take film about modern Georgi. The film director is Hirotoshi Takeoka and with him were his assistants. They were focusing especially on regions and their traditions. They said that they wanted to ask of two periods of Pankisi. The period of the past war and the period of present.

They asked us about our school and students studying in our school. The questions were why pupils want to learn English? Our answer was that in national exams English is compulsory and we help our students to pass exams with a high level.

The next question was how successful our students are? Our answer was that our students reached very good results in Kakheti region.

The main question that everyone are interested in is that how changed Pankisi in time. Pankisi was changed extremely. Our students learned how to communicate with other people and it’s very big step for their success.