The Kist Community in Pankisi Valley, Georgia: by Marina Gaurgashvili and Zeinabi Kavtarashvili

Who are Kists? They are of Chechen origin. In the latter part of the 20th Century , few people knew the presence of Chechen origin people who lived in Pankisi, who follow their traditions and rules. They have high moral ethics that stand out prominently.

Pankisi Gorge region is located in the north-western border of Georgia. Through this valley flows the river “Alazani”, which originates from Borbalo Mountain, at an elevation of 2750 metres. The slopes of the Caucasus mountain range along the border of the beautiful country indigenous people, the Chechens, Ingush and other Caucasian mountaineers live and call themselves “Weinakhs”. Wei nakh means “our people”,

Their presence in the valley has become a source of discord between Russia and Georgia and now whipping into the world of Judeo-Christian Muslim clashes.

The Russians have always been willing to aggravate the Pankisi problem.

We ask the reader, to be forgiving, and to take into account that the authors of this story’s sole purpose in mind is to restore the good name of Kist.