Brotherhood in Pankisi: by Dagmara Khangoshvili

      In generally, relationship means that you’re related with someone by blood. Relatives are our uncles, aunts, nieces etc. Having relations is the most important for everyone all around the world.

Among Kists it’s also possible to have a relationship with the different people. This is not about getting married but is getting brotherhood that comes from Kists ancestors and even today it’s happening.

     Getting brotherhood has three “tape”. These are:

1)  Swear in front of friends and the elders, that they will never let down each other and that they will be together at their wedding and even at their funeral,

2) Getting brotherhood with cutting hands by knife and mixed each other’s blood. 

3) A special ceremony of drinking glass of milk in which is a silver or golden coin. This is a ceremony where elders from both friends family get them a glass of milk by coin and friends are drinking it after explaining the importance of getting brotherhood.

      After the ceremony they’re called sworn brothers and they have a very strong relationship. They can be more close to each other than real brothers.