English as an international language in Pankisi: by Ramzan Margoshvili and Dagmara Khangoshvili


How many people many people speak English in the world? This is a difficult question because so many people speak it in many different countries  and situations. There are more than 450 million native English speakers around the world in about 70 countries.

Just to compare that with other languages. Some people calculate that there are 885 million native speakers of Mandarin Chinese, but do not generally speak it outside China. This means that at the moment it’s not a world language the same way as English. All around the world there are probably a billion people learning English language as their second language.

English language does not just belong to the English it belongs to the whole world. We have never had a chance of learning English language as it’s possible in today’s life. In RSF we study lots of grammar and vocabulary.

We are glad that we are students of RSF.