Gender equality: by Dagmar Khangoshvili

Today a lot of women rights are being broken all over the world. Of cruel men, 50% have got families. That means that the most speeder shape of violence is  ‘’family violence’’ which was considered during a long time by the family as a private problem which government didn’t have to be involved in. But today it’s the hottest topic in Georgia.

It’s not easy to imagine that in the country where I’m living there are more than 20 incidents of a man killing his ex-wife or wife. Some of them aren’t just killing, but killing with an axe or to cut their throat in front of their children’s eyes. It’s disaster for me.

Also there was an incident in which a 65 year old man killed his 60 years old wife. It’s unknown what was the reason all of this.

      The government tries to save women’s rights but should have protected their rights. In the world are a lot of cultures  which aren’t the same. Also there are different religions, but in none is violence acceptable.

    Men and women’s cultures definitely differ. In Pankisi as in the whole world, women have a lot of rights and freedoms and men have to support and respect them.

      I want to say to every man or husband that family isn’t a sport ring. Family is the most important thing in life. Without family you’re lost. If you have family, you have everything because it contains the most important things. Love, respect and beauty.