Religion in Pankisi: by Markha Natsishvili

There are four main religions all over the world, including Islam. It is the second one.

It was conceived in Saudi an Arabia in seventh century. The founder of this religion is messenger Muhammad. Nowadays it doesn’t lose its popularity.

The supreme book for Muslims is the Koran. Koran consists of 114 parts. And people should learn it or at least read it, if they want to know how amazing everything that God made is.

Most people in Pankisi are followers of this religion. As you know, Muslims must pray five times a day and they must fast for one month in Ramadan, from early morning until late evening, without eating or drinking anything.

About 90% of the population of Pankisi follows these rules, which are compulsory.

There are nearly 12 mosques all over Pankisi and the biggest one is in Duisi. In most of the mosques are special schools for every wishful person to learn Koran and Arabian language. Many of them are motivated, many are less motivated, but this religion is unifying for all us and the biggest reason is that we do not forget each other when we are very far away.