Meeting With the Minister of Refugees in Pankisi: by Milana Aldamova

Nowadays, in Georgia there are a lot of refugees. Some of them live in Pankisi. I am Milana Aldamova, I’m also a refugee from Grozny.

On 20th of December, 2014, in Pankisi Minister For Refugees, Sozar Subari came. There was a meeting with refugees from Chechnya. The meeting was held in a club, in Duisi. They discussed the refugees’ problems. Sozar Subari talked about future programs they are planning to do. He advised that refugees’ situation will be improved.

I personally interviewed the Minister. I told him that I was preparing a topic for ‘’Pankisi Times’’ in The Roddy Scott Education Center.

Question: What’s the main reason of your arrival in Pankisi?

Minister Sozar Subari: I wanted to see Chechen people and how they live. I have discussed their problems with them. The Refugees registration has just finished. I also met with the Chechen children. I think that it `s very good that Chechen children can study their language in Georgia. To my mind people need more attention because they have lost their mother-land and now live in Georgia.

Question: Have you got any new programs about refugees?

Minister Sozar Subari: We`re planning a lot of programs for the next year. First of all we want to have good relationships with Chechen refugees. We`ll do our best that refugees life in Georgia is good. The refugees living and working in Georgia will be given the citizenship.

I want to thank the minister for coming in Pankisi and his attention to refugees.