Ants: by Leila Kavtarashvili and Larisa Tokhosashvili

In these days our English lesson theme was about ants. It was quite interesting and enjoyable. We have learned many things that we didn’t know and there were facts that we knew and there were facts that we already have known.

The first thing which fascinated me was that when an ant finds food, it doesn’t have the whole of it. It at once goes to nest to tell the news. It brings others with it, and they have food together. I knew that they could lift up more than their body weight but it was unknown that they could lift up 50 times their own body weight and of course it interested me also.

But what fascinated me, the most was that ants are self sacrificing. If the food is in the middle of water, some ants jump into the water and give up their lives to make a bridge for others. Other ants then go along this bridge and carry the food to their nest. There were also other interesting things but these three facts fascinated me the most.

In all, ants are of good use to us. Every dead insect or worm, any dirty matter is removed by them. It is true that ants bite man very badly, but they seldom cause any serious harm to us.

We don’t know what any good ants give to people, are they useful for them?  If you know more interesting about ants please write to us.