MOTHER: by Milana Aldamova

Mother is the most lovely and kind person who gives us life. Who does a great deal for us. Life would lose it`s sense without mother. If not their love to us, childhood would be colorless. If not her eyes full of love and care. If not my respect towards her maybe I would do a lot bad things in my life. When I do something I think about mother. Would she like my behavior or not. It`s a great happiness when I hear her voice coming home. When she isn`t at home I feel myself sad, as if everyone has left the world. It`s great happiness to have mother and to feel that she will always help you. Mothers live with their children and their love.

It`s enough to look into your mother`s eyes and you are happy. Everything unpleasant is left behind.

Maybe a lot of children don`t have mothers. They are dead or they have lost them in their first days. I know that their dream is of mother, to have their love. I wish every child on the earth had mother. It would be good if mothers never died.