How do we really spend our time? by Markha Natsishvili

MK-BS533_GOOGpl_G_20120227172719 2There are 365 days in a day, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in hour and 60 seconds in a minute. And how do we really use it? Scientists have proved that we spend1/3 of our life sleeping.

One part of teenagers spend their time learning and doing lots of things that will be good for them in the future and I think that it is not spent unwisely. The rest use their time playing games on their computers or mobiles and entertainment.
 Older people mostly are working in their jobs, so their main purpose is to do something to increase their income, and they do it for their families. But people who have no jobs mostly spend their time using new technologies as a diversion.
 New technologies play a really big part in our life. They help us to save  time and at the same time to fill it. So, we should use fewer technologies and use our life doing things that will be suitable.images

I always try to do my best and use my time correctly. It is compulsory to have rest for at least half an hour after the hard day. I do this every day, because with this time I restore my power and after that I am ready to learn and do new things, new and interesting things.