Effect of smoking in our life: by Leila Kavtarashvili

cigarette_butt_cigarettes_smoking 2There is no doubt that smoking can have a serious effect on our life. Everyone knows that smoking has all sorts of negative impacts on health. Despite this many people ignore its risk and continue smoking. More than 4000 chemical substances are in cigarette smoke including at least 50 that can cause cancer. It can also affect our breathing and it has a bad affect on our physical appearance such as yellow teeth, aged skin. But what we have to do for our relatives and other people to avoid smoking? The only thing we can do, is to tell them more and more information about how harmful it is. But the government can do much more. Of course they can’t close cigarette companies but they must increase strict control over tobacco. Firstly they have to forbid smoking in public places, secondly they must ban selling cigarettes to children and also it will be good if they increase tobacco’s price, so smokers will have to reduce using three or four packs of it.

So, if anyone is a slave of cigarettes, it’s never too late to stop smoking. Everyone should make the right choice for their health and quit smoking.