My Interesting Day in Summer: Pati Gumashvili


The holiday is the best time for relaxing and enjoying and I look forward to it every year. I love summer holidays and summer.

Every year my holidays are enjoyable but there was a bit difference this year. And I think that was the best rest time of my life.

I want to talk about my brief but wonderful holidays. I went to Karadjal, a village near Telavi, where my relatives live. They had a wedding where I had a good time. I met lots of people, made new friends who were very friendly and sociable.

I knew that Azers were hard working people. Their homes are mentioned as castles in Georgia. They aren’t fond of studying and the general job is working in gardens and selling vegetables. They talk too much and it’s surprising that they do it all together.

They have a tradition very unusual for us. The girl, who isn’t married until 15, is considered as a spinster. Also there is one more interesting tradition, while laying the tables at the wedding she puts all dishes and doesn’t change plates or put anything else on the table.

Relatives of the bridegroom give gifts to the bride in old suitcases, not in new ones.

It is always interesting to get acquainted with other people and their traditions. The more you know them then more you learn.