Lies: by Marina Gaurgashvili and Leila Kavtarashvili

b89c22e36db067dd6c12c0f14ed8d768Lies are part of people’s life. It’s hard to find someone who hadn’t told a lie. It’s true that on some occasion you can’t lie. If you don’t lie but it will be much better if you avoid saying a lie. If you lie once you by all means want to lie more and more and people will know you as the most lying person. A lie is the devil’s action. A lie is a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive. An untruth. A falsehood. It has been said that a lie has short legs. A lie is the face of a crafty person. If a lie partial contains the truth it is false again. We all are told from early childhood that lying is bad but lies are integral part of our life. It’s our faithful partner. If someone asks, we all are ready to punish all liars, but in fact it`s society that encourages lies.

No one knows, who, where, when or why he said first lie, but we all know that a lie is an offence. To say the lie will have many reasons. If you live in lie your life is awful. Lie whatever pack nicely early or late will be divulging. So don’t lie and you will be the best person in the world.

And still what is a lie? Lies are people’s most harmful habit, which can morally damage us.

Finally, if there weren’t any lies in the world, life would be better and brighter but despite this, lies have such a big place and play such a big role in our life that we can’t remove them.