Is there anything that young people can teach elders? by Leila Kavtarashvili

20151024_123755Society believes that young people have nothing to teach elders. But I disagree with this statement and I think that young people can teach a lot of things.

First of all, I must say that we have to respect our elders, because they are more experienced, but it doesn’t mean that young people can’t teach them anything. For example, with help of technology, young people are becoming more creative and motivated to learn new skills, which elders can’t do. Elders have got difficulties with modern technologies, so there are a lot of things young people can teach them.

Nowadays teenagers are more determined and interested in many things. They aren’t frightened of failure and changes of their lives. They are more informed, experienced and more communicated. These skills help them to be more intelligent05-A36A5354

Also children have more time to study than adults, so they can gain more new information.

In conclusion, elders have many things to learn from young people. Here age doesn’t
matter. So the statement that there is nothing that young people can teach older people, is not true.