Is using the Internet beneficial or harmful? by Diana Bordzikashvili


Nowadays, Internet is so closely connected to our lives. It would be inconvenient to live without using internet. People communicate with each other by telephone, rather than they talk, people get information from website portal news rather than from book or newspaper, and share opinions or information by internet community. Therefore, we cannot live without using internet. Internet has both positive and negative effects.                                                                                                 People could learn organize their thought by sharing information with people in Internet community. For my case, I learnt lot from Internet, I saw lots of things which I have not seen before and I started to change my opinion about life. I can express a real myself on internet. Internet is my second house and I don’t know how will be my life without internet. People in the Internet became friends and communicate with each other. We share the things that we did everyday including food, places, books, music or movies. In my opinion it is very good for people. For example: I was very introvert but  as  I started to be a member of community, I started  to interact with other members.  Therefore it helped me to change my personality from introverted to extroverted.                                                                                                                                                      People sometimes say that Internet has many negative effects that influence our lives negatively. However, for me, I experienced many advantages by using Internet. I think if we use Internet appropriately, then there are many advantages that we could get from internet to use it appropriately.