Autumn in Pankisi: by Rumina Alkhanashvili

20151114_121731Autumn is a very beautiful season of the year. It’s full of harvest, fruit, vegetables. It’s colorful and sweet for me. Seeing the every change of the nature- it’s wonderful. The autumn – it’s the most beautiful picture ever painted.

Pankisi is very beautiful in autumn. The high hills are full of colorful trees around the villages. High mountains covered with white snow proudly look from the north. The gorge is like a bride.

For me, autumn is associated with our parents and grandparents. After green summer, the colorful autumn age comes to us. The older we get, the colorful wiser we become.

Colorful with our experiences and hard work, this makes us rich and wise as autumn.

Leaving the “crazy summer” I feel a little sadness. But 20151114_125057seeing autumn’s beauty with its rich colors, and sweetness gained from the work, which the nature has done during the previous seasons is worth the living.