Three days in Tbilisi: by Marina Gaurgashvili


11760271_10206365639327317_5599524907149978084_n On 21th November my friends and I went in Tbilisi. We were taken there by Eurasian Partnership Foundation. We participated in training. The training was how to protect the environment. Our trainers were people who have their own program called Ekovizia. I studied many things. We discussed many questions. for example. How important is environment for us, and the ways of protecting it.

A am very happy and I think I am a lucky person that I had the chance to participate in these trainings. Ekovisia was held by these people. They asked children questions in general. The winner was Ucha who was awarded with a visit to Eko camp. They had chosen 4 children who were the most active and I am one of them. At first I was very shocked because I can’t imagine that they would say my name, I want to thank them, and they gave me books and suggested that our school participate in their program.

Also I am very happy that David Lee had come there, when he understood that children from Pankisi were there he came to see us in spite of not having time. This was a great respect to us. I was very satisfied with hotels services, the hotel has five stars. I am impressed how nice it is.

These days were very important and interesting. I hope I would have the days like this more and more in my life, because this project will continue during a year and I will be glad to participate in it.