Courage: by 
Leila kavtarashvili


creativity-takes-courage-300x225Courage is something that can’t be bought, can’t give away or receive. Courage is a great ability to face a fear and get over objections. We all need courage, because we will never do anything in this world without it. Courage may mean different thing for everyone.

For me, courage is being brave for myself and for others. Nowadays, around the world there are a lot of problems and courageous people are trying to solve these problems with their brave acts. Having courage gives them the ability to stand up for their ideas, express their opinions.

4b36f40b8fbca12e4f2f21ddb6a1a30eFor example, in my gorge many people think that girls don’t need education, because they don’t need to work, it’s not their business and only men can work. Of course, it isn’t right, because we all are equal everyone has the same rights and opportunities. I have never agreed with this idea and I will never do this. Everyone has the right to get education and the right to work. Courage gives me that strength to persuade those people, who think that women don’t need to study or to work. I believe that if we give women chance, they’ll be better leaders than men. Everyone has to find courage in themselves and work hard to succeed in their life. Especially women have to struggle for their rights. As for me, I’ll do my best to achieve my aims and to help the women to find the courage in themselves that will help them in their life to become bigger than they are.

Have the courage to say no, have the courage to face the truth, do the right thing, because it’s right. These are the magic keys to live your life with integrity. He who isn’t courageous enough to take risks won’t achieve anything in their life.