Happy Ending (From Grandparents’ Stories): by Rumina Alkhanashvili


He is standing at the window and looking in the dark. His face looks worried, and thoughts are complicated in his head. Why? Why didn’t he know about this? Why only today?

f0e0598df2f388646b84dfcfab82e896Ibrahim’s house is full with relatives from morning. They’re helping his parents in preparing various delicious foods. His cousins have already killed a sheep. Young neighbor girls have been baking cakes and making salads since morning. Everything is ready for tomorrow’s wedding. The joyful voices and laughter is heard in the yard.

But he is worried. It’s a week he has come home from Russia. Only today he was told that his best friend from the childhood Ruslan and Leila the girl he was engaged to were in love with each other. “Why didn’t Ruslan tell me about it?”

He understood Leila’s silence. She couldn’t say a word against our father’s decision according to our traditions.

Now, he understands Ruslan’s pale face and changed character. Yes, a decision had been made. It won’t be easy to make the elders change their decision against the traditions.

The next day is the happiest day in Ruslan’s life. His friend, his brother Ibrahim have made the greatest surprise for him. He sits at the wedding table with his bride and his best friend 358px-Chechense._Match._a_wedding_match._George_Kennan._1870-1886beside him. The whole village was invited. All the guests enjoy and dance

Rumina Alkhanashvili