MY ONE DAY ADVENTURE: by Zhamilya Makalova

It was in July. I was sitting with my friend behind their house. We were bored. We didn’t know what to do and then one idea formed in my mind. I said. “Let’s go to the forest”. We walked there for two hours and we got very hungry. Then I saw a tree with apples. We climbed up and picked some apples. Then we continued over. I said to my friend to go back because I was tired and hungry, but she said, “Not yet”.

image (4)After an hour, we turned to go back but we had got one problem. We don’t know how to go back. I was in panic; I didn’t know what to do. But, when we were talking there was someone’s garden with long corn. My friend looked to the right side and we were shocked. There was a grave. For me it was a nightmare. Everything darkened for me. I couldn’t see anything. The sun disappeared. I heard my friends frightened voices and woke and ran away. At this moment it started to rain. We ran as fast as we could. When we were running we saw some big dogs. They ran after us. We were frightened but continued running. The dogs were left back. We finally came back home.

We relaxed and had dinner. We got very frightened and shocked, but the next day we told our adventure to our friends and had fun. I won’t forget this day.